Monday, December 26, 2011

Seasons Greetings and A Happy New Year

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this coming year be the year that God wants us to accomplish for His will. May we always be thankful for what we have and for every circumstance.

Happy New Year | Happy New Year | Forward this Picture

Praying that this coming year will be a year we continually obey God and His Word, a fruitful life, ready to share and always there to help others. Advance Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My open letter to you

Hurtful words not just a rebuke from a person who is supposed to be above reproach.Who would know a persons heart, are you God to accuse me of such. You should have not mentioned anything about my relationship with Christ, you even included church and be re-educated about the Word of God when all you just needed to focus to tell me is to remove those tutorial video posts, simple as that. 


You even told me that I am selfish, who is selfish here? If I offended you for posting those patterns which you also claimed is also wrong, don't judge me about motives since you don't even know me nor my heart.

I willfully delete my blog posts concerning your claim. I will challenge myself to compost new patterns but will share it for free without asking anyone money since this is my passion. I pray for you as well to focus on God alone as I will also seek the true and Mighty King who gifted me to dance before Him.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Days Of Elijah Dance Presentation on Tambourine

I really like the song “Days of Elijah” and so I am sharing this video clip that was taken last year of Feb. 2010. It was a pattern taken from Books 1 and 2 which I choreograph. This simple dance presentation is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ, who was and who is to come.

We are just so careful not to stretch too much since the space is limited around. I do encourage you to also watch other videos I posted here so that you will also learn some basic steps in tambourine dance. This dance presentation was taken during a home Bible study. 

As I go back in time, I do miss a lot of things on tambourine dancing like the practices we had, the rehearsals and the fun together with my sisters in Christ. I pray that someday soon, I will be able to post Book 2 patterns for the tutorial and will also try to visit local churches around and showcase them if ever they have their ministry for dancing the tambourine. God bless you all! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book 2 Tambourine Dance Presentation

This next video was taken also last year during the Tambourine Graduation of my student in Book 2. As for my requirement, I asked her to choreograph a dance presentation using the patterns in Book 2.
I just posted this video to share with you what are the sample tambourine dance patterns in Book 2 which I haven’t posted any yet on my tutorial because of my pregnancy.

But God in His perfect time will allow me to do that if it’s possible. I may never promise you about any diagram to be shown here as for copyright issue. So the nearest and easiest thing to do is an instructional video which I really promised to do if God allowed me to.

Just bear with the video, it is not a High Density camera so it will not capture the speed of the movements showed here. The title of the song being played was Adonai by Hillsongs. Special thanks to Sis. Ivy who completed the Tambourine Book 2 pattern, God bless you all!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tambourine Dance I am a Friend of God

This was taken last year during the second graduation rites of my students in Tambourine. During this time they finished Book 1 patterns and as for their requirement, I urge them to compose or choreograph a tambourine dance using the Basic Tambourine patterns in Book 1.

The graduation was a success although I really miss my students now because they have been busy with work and even if they are far away from me, I pray that they will continue their calling and their promise to God. It’s been more than a year now since I last saw them.

I am posting this dance so that you may at least be familiar with some of the basic patterns of tambourine in Book 1. You may also check the other posted tutorials I have in my blog and if you have questions, you may as well leave me a comment and I will be glad to reply you back, God bless!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is Tambourine a Dance Competition?

I personally think that no matter how teachers disseminate information to their students, their versions really have to vary when it comes to dancing. Some would react and say, your version is wrong; this is what is right because this is what is written in the manual. I really can’t escape some of those who have criticized me (constructively or not) but the main point is that, why do we need to be divided?

cute emoticons

I came to share my knowledge online to encourage tambourine dance and it is not because I have to be disrespecting anyone for having the dance misinterpreted. I have no intensions also of misleading anyone here since this is a dance and whether you need to interpret it or not, what is important is what your hearts content is, what your desire is what the Spirit of God is leading you.

For me tambourine dance is a way of expressing yourself before your maker but with the right attitude and heart before God. Practice really makes perfect as they say and for me perseverance to master the patterns is an added bonus. I was like that before, whenever I see someone execute the dance inappropriately to my own expectations, I really do approach the person and correct the said pattern. Well, online is different now. People used to just leave a comment, and I am grateful with that since they are aware that they know the pattern but I also need to explain that whatever they find indifference to what I executed, it’s between me and my mentor and not before God.

My first batch of Students

It just saddens me to see thumbs down for the videos presented, maybe they think that they can dance better than I do but I am in no competition with anyone else here. Some would have masquerade their own identity trying to down a sister or a brother but we should not be like that if we are truly a Born Again Christian who served the True Living God.

Is tambourine dance a dance competition? Are we better off than others? Do we think that our pattern is right or wrong? Who are we to judge and what is the real meaning of dance before God? We do have different opinions when it comes to dancing and interpretations. But please, segregate the idea of tambourine dance patterns and my personal relationship with God. Whether I dance or not, it does not make any difference because God sees us equally. Whether you know better to dance or you don’t know how to dance, we are ought to live our lives in accordance to the will of God and doing His Words.

I pray that we have to be more prayerful and not just seeing the specks of our brethrens. We do have our own flaws and failures but that does not mean that we need to label a person based on what we just see. We also need to respect each other and much more pray for one another. Shalom and God bless you my readers!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Post or not to Post

I really, really do miss to dance before the Lord and I really did miss to post anything from this blog site that I used to get busy with when I wasn’t pregnant. Today I came to review my youtube videos which some I kept in private because I was not decided to post it on my blog because it is not professionally taken and second, the whole dance wasn’t captured.

Anyway my purpose for posting this dance is to just show you some of the tambourine patterns that I haven’t tried to post yet because these patterns belong to Book 2. As I have promised, I will do my best to post a new tutorial after my delivery, but that will take months and I really can’t stand my site being empty but in spite of that, a lot of visitors still come and check this tambourine site because they wanted to learn something.

Please be considerate, I have done this video long time back and if you noticed anything that you think is not right like our hands aren’t that stretched high enough, its because we are so careful that our tambourine might hit the stuffs near us just like the pulpit and the ribbons might get tangled with the stairs so we were so careful. So due to lack of space, we needed to bend and adjust our arms, so I hope no one here is going to be so perfect and comment, hey, your hands are not straight or stretched. The camera is not “High Density” so I do hope you could bear watching the video. Some people just complain about everything and in a very small detail and that is why; I need to explain to them that the cam used here was not HD.

Below is the sample patterns used for this special number. God bless you as you watch!

Song Title: You are My World
Sung: Hillsongs
Choreographed by: Sis. Jackie (wearing blue pashmina)

(Pattern for the dance)

Introduction: My Father I Adore you more..

(Hosanna)- 2x
(Hiding Place)-2x
(Angel) 2x

Chorus: You Are My World
(Salvation) 2x
(Candlestick) 2x
(Promised Child) 2x
(Angel) 2x
(Salvation) 2x
(Name of the Lord) 2x
(Candlestick) 2x
(Hosanna) 2x
(Marriage) 1x

And Angels come and adore you..

(Angel) 2x
(Love) 2x
(Adoration) 2x
(Mountain top) 2x
(Hallelujah A) 2x

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Call to Dance in Unity

Tambourine is a dance which involves unity in the spirit. No dancer for the Lord will be dancing just because he/she does feel like without synchronizing to others. See how united one troop can dance if they are tuned in altogether and dancing in one movement.

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That is the flow that you see on every dance, a dancer dances not only because he/she follows a rhythmic pattern of the music, but also he/she follows what other dancers dance. Now whether we attend into different churches, we do have the same type of unity when it comes to praise and worship. But what is important is our hearts should be right before God. I really wanted to design a blog to call everyone to dance for unity. No matter what your nationality may be, it does not matter; we will dance together before God.
I have received a lot of comments which I may not be able to respond in due time because I was on a long vacation and I cannot even posts new dances at the moment since God has given me time to relax and do what I can for my family. I will be having my first baby and this pregnancy means a lot to me because it is my first after four years of being married. But I assure you that the ministry I just shared with everyone here, I will not abandon. In fact what I do contemplate more is to trust God on what He can do not only for me, but also for my readers who got inspired to dance before God.
Let me remind you that ministry is nothing if our walk and faith in God is not evident. We should focus to grow in our spiritual life by praying more and seeking God more to do His will. That is why we are reminded by God’s Word to grow and be fruitful John 15:16 (You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you).
We must not forget that reaching out to others who does not know Christ is far more important (the Great Commission) and not just to Minister God’s people by dancing every Sunday services. I do hope you have understood what I am trying to say. Since I would be skipping on creating a sample video for other patterns I haven’t posted here, I will try my very best to give instructions the least.
Please do understand that I won’t be drawing any diagrams or whatsoever which is copy right. I will be doing only my own rendition based on the knowledge that was passed by my mentor. I do respect if others would be having a difficult time to follow the patterns but I will try to make it up in due time. To God be the Glory!

Friday, February 4, 2011

To Share or Not to Share Tambourine Patterns

I have told this on my blog a lot of times, I have shared my thoughts and opinions about tambourine and the passion that I have. Some don’t just understand why I created my blog and what the main purpose of it. For them they say I should have not shared the patterns coz for them it is not allowed. I don’t seem to understand why they come up with such an idea that it was illegal to share.
Just imagine this, there was a dance fusion, a hype and hip dance that the world dance and it was such a craze people imitate it and dance it whether on the street and post it online. Have they been sued for imitating the dance by those who danced it originally? Certainly not.. Anything people see on television and movie when imitated, it was just a RENDITION and cannot be sued by such.
While on the other hand a person who copy and pasted an article that existed online and reproduce it online can be sued because of COPYRIGHT laws and PLAGIARISM. That is what I stand for. I share only the dance; I don’t post the diagram of the patterns or any article that was written in the manual.
But NO ONE can dictate and tell me that I have to stop what I am doing to share what I know of to those people who have the same passion for dancing tambourine before God. What is the purpose of the ministry to dance tambourine? Is it just to keep it for yourself? Will you not be sharing what you learn with all your heart to those who deserve? I don’t think that this dance will be used wrongfully; in the first place I don’t see their hearts, only GOD sees our hearts. So I am not in the position to say whether who deserves to learn tambourine or not, for me I share it to ALL WHO WANTS TO LEARN and has the HEART to serve GOD by all means.
Someone has to pass the torch on the next generation. I do pray that if you are a person who knows to dance tambourine, share it with all your heart. Do not keep it to yourself and don’t just think that you are just the one who is gifted with that talent. I am only doing what is legal, I am a law abiding citizen too so when it comes to instruction manual and diagrams, I won’t be able to share it here as what I told my readers about it.
But puhh-lease (please) don’t be such a hypocrite telling you don’t criticize me but in fact you are already passing judgment on telling me what I have to do and not. What does God teaches us? is it to love one another, share and look after each other, not to do such self righteousness thing. Actually, dancing tambourine can be ALL IN VAIN. Yes, that is absolutely NOTHING, if your heart is not right with God. Your ministry is NOTHING, if you don’t obey the commandments of God. It will all be useless if God sees something in our hearts that is not right. Now tell me, To Share or Not to Share Tambourine Patterns, what is your CONVICTION? I have mine, I rest my case, I respect others if theirs is the exact OPPOSITE of what I do believe, but again as I have said, this is my PASSION. I know where to DRAW THE LINE. I don’t claim any recognition and such. I didn’t do anything ILLEGAL for sharing the dance. In my heart I know that we are all accountable for all the things we do here on earth.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diagram for Tambourine Dance Pattern

I would like to explain the reasons why I didn’t include any tambourine dance pattern diagram in my tutorial lessons online. As you can see, the very first time I posted instructional video of a tambourine dance pattern, I have included only instructions of how to execute it. It may be difficult as you may say but I really have to think it over since posting instructional diagrams just like in the book or manual is UNDER COPYRIGHT law. I need to explain to my readers here particularly those who have been reading my posts and have been seeing my tutorial videos that such thing is not allowed.
I really like to include the diagram but please do understand that the manual is copyright and is not subject to be distributed online. I may have to find other alternative to make my own drawings for the diagram, but not get it straight on the manual as is and I won’t show that online.
I would like to thank a brethren who commented on my other posts and she was the one who asked me this question and now I am sharing my opinion about it. It is not because I wanted to keep it for myself, but we as Christians should also need to follow the governing laws applied. The dance pattern videos are allowed as an instruction but to certain reasons, everything written on a piece of paper is subject to copyright laws which I may have to be careful of and give respect to the one that created the pattern.
Now going back to giving instructions on the diagram, probably the best thing that I can do there is just to instruct per what a diagram symbol stands for on a video presentation, not on a written material like for example a pattern for CANDLE STICK, there are symbols drawn on the diagram which needs to be understood. First things first, what are the basics of tambourine dance. I would like you to back read what I have posted here so that you may understand.
As much as I wanted to share here but there are certain things we are limited to do and that is with respect to the law of COPYRIGHT. Now the question is, would you be able to grasp more of what I showed online? If not then just go over and over on the videos to study the patterns, but as to what reading diagrams, I’m sorry probably that is limited on my part to show here. Hope you do understand and God bless.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Passion and My Conviction for Tambourine Dance

I have been a tambourine dancer for 4 years and I can say that creating a site for inspiring people to dance before God is truly something that I don’t want to keep for myself. I have been searching online for ways to improve my craft but then it was limited and I know that some may not have been able to express the same way like I do.
I am happy to see such people eager to share what they know of. I do believe in my heart that dancing before the Lord is a way to Praise God and it is something that you and I should not hold of. If we know it, we better share it. Encouraging people to dance before God is special. That is the main reason why I have put this site and I will do my very best to share the patterns that I know for people who are eager to learn or beginning in their ministry to dance before God.
It is my conviction that no matter how people dance gracefully but if they don’t share it, it is just useless. What is the purpose of learning tambourine? Is it just to dance and glorify God? Of course that is the main purpose but other than that, do you have a vision to spread that knowledge that you have or you just want to keep it to yourself? Passing the torch on your students so that in due time, they will teach others too is what I have in mind.
It is not my cup of tea to just teach my students and yet my students will not share what they know in tambourine dancing. I told them that whenever you have finished what I taught you, you can now be able to share this ministry to others who desire to dance for God.
We do have busy schedules but that will never hinder us to continue the ministry that God has entrusted us. I do hope by next week, I will be able to post the missing pattern which I forgot in Book 1 plus the continuation of my tutorial for Book 2 lessons. Just in case you are reading my post, I am sure you are also waiting for the tambourine patterns that I have promised in 2010.
Posting the videos is going to take some time since I do need to shoot for the video tutorial and after that is video editing and posting it here on my blog. Just do pray that God will enable me to manage my schedule well since it will gonna be a hectic schedule for me but I am so excited every time I open my blog because I always see new visitors coming in. I just hope that you guys would be leaving your comment here if you do have some questions in mind. My passion for tambourine dance is something that I will never want to end, I will share it as long as I can and I am happy if someone here learns from what I am doing. To God be the Glory.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year to All! Let's Dance for Joy!

Happy 2011 to all my readers. I haven't been checking my blog lately so I'm so sorry if you have posted some comments and it was too late for my response but anyway I am delighted to hear some of you have the time to visit and drop by a comment to my post.
This year is another year of challenge for me. I got so busy with work, with my family and other things which includes polishing my blog site. I have missed some patterns in Book I but it's okay, I would just go back and try to post them here and catch up with you guys. Wondering what's taking my students back home to comment or post anything here. Anyway, this year 2011 if God is willing, I will be delighted to share with you my video tutorials for Book 2. Although I will try to patch up with what is Book 1 or the Basic Tambourine Tutorial and have them even better if I can still extend more time to polish this site.

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If you have any questions on the dance patterns or anything that you can think of asking me, please feel free to write me at I will be delighted to response you back depending on my time schedule. God bless and have a joyous New Year full of love and hope.

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