Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sample Of Tambourine Dance Patterns (Choreograph) # 5

Song Title: You Are My World by Hillsong

Introduction: My Father I Adore you more..

(Hosanna)- 2x
(Hiding Place)-2x
(Angel) 2x

Chorus: You Are My World

(Salvation) 2x
(Candlestick) 2x
(Promised Child) 2x

(Angel) 2x
(Salvation) 2x
(Name of the Lord) 2x
(Candlestick) 2x
(Hosanna) 2x
(Marriage) 1x

And Angels come and adore you..

(Angel) 2x
(Love) 2x
(Adoration) 2x
(Mountain top) 2x
(Hallelujah A) 2x

Another wonderful dance for the Lord Jesus Christ which you can always be thankful of what God has done. Most of the patterns were from Book 2 and some are in Book 1. I will sample a video clip of this dance if I may have the time to do so. Hope you are inspired in serving God through tambourine dance. God bless.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sample Of Tambourine Dance Patterns (Choreograph) # 4

Song Title: Wonderful Magnificent God by Don Moen

Introduction: At your feet I bow, there is none like you.. (Hiding Place) 2x
For all the wonders you do.. (Exaltation) 2x

Chorus: Wonderful Magnificent God, I’m humbled by the life you gave.. (Adoration) 2x

Repeat: (Hiding Place) 2x , (Exaltation) 2x, (Adoration) 2x

What can we give to you oh God, for everything you have given to us
(Give) 2x with cut
(Great God) 3x with cut at the end part

We offer our Lives to you oh God..
(Mountain top) 2x with cut
(New Covenant) 2x with cut
(Marriage) 2x

Wonderful Magnificent God- (Adoration) 2x
(Trinity) 2x
(Mighty B) 2x

I have cut some of the tambourine patterns here just to cope up with the song’s beat and tempo. If you are a worshipper just like me, you would understand that we do need to cut on certain patterns to fit the next pattern for the song. This is what happened on the patterns I have included in this song. But it will always be the leading of the Spirit of God as you dance because this is only dedicated to Him only.

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Sample Of Tambourine Dance Patterns (Choreograph) # 3

Song Title: Days of Elijah by Paul Wilbur

Intro: (Lily of the Valley A) 2x
(Mighty A) 2x
(Joyful Noise) 2x

Chorus: (Hallelujah A) 2x with cut
(Lion of Judah) 2x
(Joyful Noise) 2x
(Always) 4x
(Crown of Beauty) 2x
(Name of the Lord) 4x
(Coronation) 3x
(Candlestick) 2x
(Trinity) 3x slowly as the song fade to end

I really like this song as it is prophetic in meaning. It is just a slow but upbeat song which is good to include both praise and worship tambourine patterns. If you notice the patterns well, there are only few patterns that are included in Book 1 and the rest are all advance. But anyway, what matters most is how your heart is right before God when you dance.

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Sample Of Tambourine Dance Patterns (Choreograph) # 2

Song: Your Love Is Beautiful by Hillsong

Intro: (Endurance) 2x
((Joyful Noise) 2x

Graceful exit doing Always..

(Full Gospel- stationary) 2x
(Shoulder) 2x

(Faithfulness) 2x
(Rejoice) 2x
(Victory A) 2x
(Banner A) 2x

Intermission: (Lily of the Valley A) 1x
(Lily of the Valley B) 1x
(Oil of Gladness) 2x

Instrumental: (Victorious) 1x
(Declaration) with cut

(Praise) 4x
Ending will be Revised Praise

This tambourine dance pattern includes Books 1 and 2. It is really meant for those who already know the basic patterns of tambourine dance. I would be posting more sample choreograph tambourine patterns soon. Hopefully I can include some video clips for the Basic Tambourine Patterns for the benefit of those who wanted to learn How to Dance the Tambourine.

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Sample Of Tambourine Dance Patterns (Choreograph) # 1

Title of the Song : Hear Our Praises by Hillsongs

May Our Homes be filled with dancing..
(Declaration) 2x
May injustice bow to Jesus..
(Give) 2x

From the Mountains to the Valley ..
(Victory a) 2x
(Covenant) 2x

2nd stanza: May Our Light Shines in the Darkness
(Always) 2x
(Celebration) 2x

Chorus: From the Mountains…
(Victory a) 2x
(Covenant) 2x
2nd From the Heavens, to the Nations
(Graceful) 2x
(Sanctify) 2x

Slow mo (Let it Fill the Air).. Hallelujah

(Hallelujah C) – 4x (N,S,E,W) directions
(Hosanna)- 2x
(Hallelujah B)- 4x
(Hallelujah A)- 4x

Back to Chorus : (Victory A) 2x
(Covenant) 2x
(Victorious) 2x
(Celebration) 2x
From the Mountain, to the Valley… (Mighty A) 2x
(Declaration) 3x

This pattern includes book 1 and book 2 mostly done by tambourine ministers who have already studied all the basic patterns. If you are just beginning, I suggest you study first on the patterns included in the Basic before proceeding to use the patterns I mentioned here. Anyway, this is just a sample tambourine pattern I choreograph for the glory of God.

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My Review on Remo Radiant Tambourine

I have been using this wonderful Tambourine for 5 years now and it is still looking great even if there are a few minor scratches on the membrane but the quality of the tambourine was really good.

In fact when I first held this tambourine, it was lighter in weight compared to the local goat skin single row jingle that I used for Tambourine dancing. Remo Radiant Tambourine is pretty in design and the durability of it was super. It will always be a dream for someone who dances before the Lord Jesus Christ to grasp this wonderful instrument of praise since it is really durable.

If you think that you have elevated to a level of worship then this tambourine is really for you. It shines like new and it does not need any major maintenance as long as you know how to really take care of your tambourine.

I have included jewels on the side on my tambourine and it shines also like the membrane. You can accessories your own tambourine by placing precious stones or gems that you can buy at local stitching stuffs shop.

The size of my tambourine by the way was 10 inches with single row jingles. I personally prefer a single row jingle than a double row jingle since the weight of it will be much heavier.

I have never ever have callous on my finger when I started using my Remo Tambourine. Probably it’s because I have been used of my local goatskin tambourine before. I am really feeling better whenever I started using my instrument of praise as I dance before God.

You can avail of this magnificent tambourine by searching it online although shipping fee will also be included and you need to wait for the delivery. As for my own experience, I didn’t order it online. Our church purchase it in Hongkong as a bulk and once it was delivered, I paid a thousand pesos for it, just can’t remember the exact amount but it was a thousand pesos or more for a Remo Tambourine.

You can check for the prices of Remo online and compare which site gives it for a lesser price. I highly recommend this instrument of praise those who have been dancing tambourine in their ministry for quite some time. As for beginners and aspirants, I still suggest you start on using the local goatskin because you need to adjust and learn balancing yourself with the tambourine and get use to it.

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Basic Foot Steps

If you are familiar with the basic tambourine patterns, you might as well know some of the basic foot steps used in tambourine consists of jumping like the holy hop. It also has change steps as you shift your position from left to right or step-close which is another step commonly used in tambourine patterns where you do a step and then close foot from left to right or vice versa.

I hope that I can post further on some of the basic footsteps because it is so difficult to just mention if it were stated only. You need to visualize what I am saying so that you can get to understand something. Just be patient in the meantime while I need to upload some videos for that. Since my site is more on tutorial, I will be posting some basic tambourine pattern dances as well.

The hand movements can be difficult to match when you’re doing the foot movements to match it with the pattern. But don’t worry, as I have said, it takes time to practice and perfect it, anyway no pain, no gain. We need to exercise a lot whenever we practice certain tambourine dance pattern.

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What Do I Need to Start Learning How To Dance Tambourine

1. A Teachable Heart- A right attitude before God. We do dance because we do believe that it is our calling and it is our desire to give ourselves to God Holy and Pleasing and Worthy before Him. One person should consider himself or herself open to rebuke and correction and encourage others to Praise God through Tambourine Dance.

2. Lead by the Spirit of God- One should be anointed in order to pursue a ministry through Tambourine dance. Each of us is given a talent and ability to perform only for worshipping God. If you think that you have the calling and it is your desire to dance before God, then you need to be serious in your faith with Christ Jesus. Just don’t consider tambourine dance as a hobby because you are just missing the whole point. It is not made for you; it is made only to please God.

3. Sacrifice of Praise- Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name as stated in Hebrews 13:15 is not only what our mouth can confess, but what our body can do in order to worship God and give reverence to Him. If you are called and you are chosen, then I am in no doubt that you will sacrifice your time to practice and devote time to perfect and master the patterns of tambourine dances in order to give the just and rightful Praise to God as a minister.

4. Ready Gear- A Tambourine is a must to have in order to dance. You would also need yourself to invest on buying shoes during a practice like rubber shoes, ballet flats, jazz pants or jogging pants. It depends on what your teacher would ask you to buy. But basically, it would not be too much if you consider it as a life long use.

5. Patience and Endurance- You really need to be patient in learning all the patterns to dance it well. Even if you have two left feet, it does not matter, practice makes perfect. Our skills will be developed as we go on further. Endurance is the test. This includes the attacks of the enemy in our personal life, family and so on. But we need to strive harder in order to be a soldier for Christ. We would not want to go ask a baby to go into the battle field just wearing a diaper right? We should always be equip and always put on the whole armor of God as Ephesians 6:11 says.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Physical Exercises to Perk Us Up Before We Dance

It is very important to start your day with an exercise. Aside from the health benefit it gives our body, it also gives us flexibility to endure such dance in executing each tambourine patterns. But first and foremost, it is much better if you have your personal devotion and prayer time before the Lord Jesus Christ.

True worshipper sing and dance before the Lord Almighty whose heart is pure and clean. Always remember to check yourself first before you dance. I personally asks my students this whenever we have a special number to prepare and we will practice our patterns. It is much more favorable for me to see them that they have time to read the scriptures and mirror ourselves if what we do will please God.

About physical exercises, just prepare to have decent clothing for the practice like jogging pants, decent shirts to wear which you are comfortable when you do a stretch, a towel to wipe your perspiration and a bottle of water for water break.

Exercises vary from stretches to work out routines. But most importantly you need to know how to get a balance from twist and turns and from stretching forth your arms to praise God. I really don’t encourage Christians to use “YOGA” as their means of body exercise. This is just my own opinion, if you think the opposite of what I said, I respect that.

I just wanted to point out that YOGA exercise is really not meant for Christians because it is a “Pagan Practice” which derived from a Hindu religion which enables a person to have contact with their gods.

We cannot associate ourselves with what the world offers (1John 2:15). We should be going against the flow and follow only Christ and do the will of His Father. Our physical exercises should not only be healthy in our body but is also pleasing to God because it will never be a ritual thing for something else but only a prelude to Honor our God.

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Ribbons and Its Meaning - (Based on my own perspective of use)

1. Covenant- Genesis 12:1-3

Colors: (red, orange, emerald green, blue, purple)

2. New Covenant – Jeremiah 31: 31-34

Colors: (lavender, indigo, violet, baby pink, white, plum, purple, Concord grape)

3. Reconciled- Isaiah 58:11

Colors: (white, flesh, dark orchid, blue violet, maroon, crimson)

4. Harvest- Genesis 8:22

Colors: (Electric Green, Jade Lime, Yellow Green, Olive drab, desert sand, tan, wheat)

5. Great Love- Ephesians 2:4

Colors: (Ruby, fuchsia, deep pink, rose pink, magenta, amaranth, tea rose)

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How to Take Care of our Tambourine Membrane

Not at all an issue because obviously the main deal here is to take care of the tambourine. Now if you have the goat skin type of membrane and it looks old and dirty because of unnecessary things that might have happen as years go by, I can only suggest a very mildest vegetable cleaner which is organic and no harmful chemical that you can use to wipe off the dirt and dust in the membrane of your tambourine.

Simply put an ample amount of vegetable wash or cleaner into half liter of water and mixed it till it gets a bubble. After that, use a cotton cloth or cheese cloth and dip it in the mixture as you wipe clean your tambourine membrane.

You can personally buy vegetable wash in groceries as long as it says all organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals so that your tambourine membrane would not be torn. I also suggest that when you wipe the membrane, be sure that the cloth is not too wet that it would terribly soak the goat skin tambourine membrane. Just be gentle when you wipe your tambourine.

Care for the Durable Plastic Tambourine Membrane

If you have this type of tambourine, well simply not use any material that can cause a reaction to the durable plastic when you clean it. Actually, you should avoid putting oil in this type of tambourine. As much as possible the cloth that you would use is just facial tissue or a soft shammy which will help to clear out thumb marks. You can use a few drops of eye cleaner which is organic. But the problem is this product will not be available at your nearest pharmacy shop. Anyway, you can use a few drops of mineral water for cleaning the membrane just don’t drop it straight to the tambourine.

You need to pour the mineral water into the shammy. Do not make it too wet for your tambourine to absorb water. Just an ample amount will do and do not scrub it. Never ever put pressure or force when wiping the membrane. Just be gentle and your tambourine membrane will be just fine.

How to Take Care of Your Tambourine Ribbons

A ribbon balances your tambourine. The basic thing that you should know is that whenever you cut the tip end of the ribbon, you should have run it through a candle to close any annoying loose thread. You can also use a nail polish which is colorless to put it at the tip of your ribbon.

When you notice that your tambourine ribbons are already dirty, you can simply hand wash it with any powdered laundry soap and soak it. If you think that your ribbons do fade in colors, just segregate the white colored ones to darker colors. You don’t need to use any bleaching agent when it comes to washing off your ribbons.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Why do we dance the Tambourine?

We do dance the Tambourine because it is our way of saying Thank You God for the privilege of serving you and giving your life to us. I myself can say that I dance because it is my calling and I continue that passion in serving God that I can use the talents He gave me.

Even if others would not believe in some prophetic meaning of dances through tambourine, I don’t worry about it at all because what I do know and believe is that Tambourine has been used long time ago to express victory and joy and also used for festivities. There are a lot of Bible verses that correlates to Tambourine as an instrument of praise. We should give our body as a sacrifice of praise also and that is one of the reasons why I dance.

We dance the Tambourine because we only wanted to Honor God and Give Him the Highest of Praise. It is only Him that sees our hearts and can read our minds. I don’t mind what other people would think about Tambourine Dancing, but as long as my heart is right and in tune with God, that is important.

Here are the Following Bible Verses that I can share to you with regards to Tambourine and Tambourine Dance:

• (Isaiah 30:32)- Every stroke the LORD lays on them with his punishing rod will be to the music of tambourines and harps, as he fights them in battle with the blows of his arm.
• Exodus 15:20- Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing.
• 1Samuel 18:6 - When the men were returning home after David had killed the Philistine, the women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul with singing and dancing, with joyful songs and with tambourines and lutes.
• Job 21:12 -They sing to the music of tambourine and harp; they make merry to the sound of the flute.
• Judges 11:34- When Jephthah returned to his home in Mizpah, who should come out to meet him but his daughter, dancing to the sound of tambourines! She was an only child. Except for her he had neither son nor daughter.
• Psalms149:3-Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and harp.
• Jeremiah 31:4- I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel. Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance with the joyful.
• Psalm 150:4- praise him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the strings and flute.
• Psalm 68:25- In front are the singers, after them the musicians; with them are the maidens playing tambourines.
• Psalm 81:2-Begin the music, strike the tambourine, play the melodious harp and lyre.
• 1 Chronicles 13:8- David and all the Israelites were celebrating with all their might before God, with songs and with harps, lyres, tambourines, cymbals and trumpets.
• 2Samuel 6:5- David and the whole house of Israel were celebrating with all their might before the LORD, with songs and with harps, lyres, tambourines, sistrums and cymbals.
• 1 Samuel 10:5- After that you will go to Gibeah of God, where there is a Philistine outpost. As you approach the town, you will meet a procession of prophets coming down from the high place with lyres, tambourines, flutes and harps being played before them, and they will be prophesying.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To Hold The Tambourine Properly

Step 1: Use the middle finger and your thumb to hold the tambourine as you place it on the hole. This is the best grip that you can have and is the safest way to hold your tambourine.

Step 2: Make sure that your thumb was shown on the membrane of the tambourine as the middle finger was enclosed at the tambourine’s hole.

Step 3: We only use our right hand for holding the tambourine as a sign of unity and uniformity in the group. If you are left handed, I don’t see anything that will hinder you using your left hand, however, most of the patterns that I will show here will be a right hand holding a tambourine and you might get confused.

Step 4: The tambourine that I am talking about here is only a tambourine with membrane used for tambourine dancing and not the percussion instrument which is mostly without membranes.

Now this is only for holding the tambourine. As we know that when we held a tambourine in our hand, we can play it in numerous ways from shaking the jingles to striking it using our palm. So before you can start, you should know some basic tambourine taps in order to get along with the tutorials that I will be posting soon.

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Basic Tambourine Taps You Should Know

1.Tap – It is where you used your left three middle portion fingers to strike the tambourine. These involve the index, the middle finger and the ring finger to tap the tambourine, be it forceful or gentle it depends on the type of pattern you are using.

2.Rock- It is moving the tambourine on an upward-downward position but still using the tap mode on number 1.

3.Swivel- The movements of the tambourine where in you need to shake it as you move from one point to another.

4.Twist and Turn- Twisting the tambourine as you can see that the membrane is changing in directions, self explanatory I guess.

5.Loop- Creating a motion-like loop as you move your tambourine. Be it with a tap or not as long as you follow what the pattern requests. This movement is pretty obvious when you loop your tambourine and your ribbon draws a loop hole.

6.Check- From the word itself Check, you are just marking a check-like position using your tambourine. It can be a movement which can start from a check down to a check up and you can also use both hands to draw the check on certain tambourine patterns.

7.Shake- Shake is the easiest thing you can do even with eyes closed. It is just simply shaking your tambourine in a short or longer period depending on the execution of patterns.

8.Zip- This is where you use your thumb to slide inwardly the tambourine membrane. When I talk about zip, it means to glide and not to use too much force or else you will just make a big hole in your tambourine’s membrane. Remember that the membrane of the tambourine is the most important part that you should take care of.

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History of Tambourine Dancing

Tambourine has been played and used long time ago and what the Bible stated was that Miriam used it to dance for joy and in victory. In Exodus 15:21 it says “Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing.”

A Tambourine is a wonderful weapon of Praise. It is also a way of wagging off bad spirit in the congregation and encourages the people of God to worship. Tambourine is also a musical instrument that has been used for so many generations. What I can say is that we must give back to God this wonderful instrument to praise Him alone.

Different Types of Tambourines

We do have different types of Tambourines. We have the single row jingles with membrane, double row jingles with membrane, single and double row jingles without membranes. It also comes in different sizes and shapes. But the most important thing is that when you consider Tambourine Dancing before the Lord Jesus Christ, most tambourines used are with the membranes of course, be it single or double row jingles.

The membrane is a part of the tambourine that you strike with your palms. It is made out of goat’s skin or calf skin for most local manufacturers of tambourines and some membranes are made out of durable plastics like they used in drum sets.

The jingle is the one made out of nickel plated or steel ones that makes a clanging sound. I do hope that you are now familiar with tambourine. I will also discuss how to properly hold the Tambourine. Below are just sample images for of the different types of tambourines. You can also search it online to see other samples if you like.

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